Driving continuous personal development

Here at Loxleys we pride ourselves in the role we play in advocating our future talents, having recently acquired an apprentice and a university placement student, Loxleys management have further invested in advancing the business’s most valued asset: our employees, by running a certified NVQ qualification open to all employees.

Level 2 NVQ qualification

The level 2 NVQ qualification, provided by Track Training a learning and development organisation, aims to cover the skills and knowledge in one or more of a wide variety of manufacturing activities including job specific assessment competencies. Throughout training the participants will engage in health and safety training, practical and theory based learning, analysis of current working practices and video based evidence. The programme which is undertaken entirely on site is set to be completed by January 2016.

Factory Manager Terry Ratchford, who arranged for the accredited qualification to take place, says “I am delighted that, as a company, we are continuing to invest into Lean Manufacturing. Our employees will be given the time to learn new skills and make improvements and we believe we will reap the benefits as we go forward into 2016 and beyond”

100% of the entire production workforce are  currently enrolled on the Level 2 NVQ in Performing Manufacturing Operations.

Moreover, in further commitment to continuing professional development and training, Loxleys management have implemented an ‘Improvement Hour’ scheme which is compulsory across the company, each member of staff must complete one hour of the scheme per week.

The team at Loxleys would like to commend all staff on their fantastic accomplishments!