Pallets to pet bedding, panel boards and biomass fuel

Continuing our ‘reuse and recycle where possible’ mantra, we made the move to embark on recycling our waste wooden pallets into pet bedding, panel wood and biomass fuel.

Creating biomass fuel

Partnering with recycling and resource recovery provider, Enva, Loxleys are repurposing otherwise unusable waste wood to fuel multiple recycling streams and avoid landfill. Creating biomass fuel, a source of renewable energy generated from the use of organic material, panel boards and various wood fibre-based pet bedding for animals including horses, cattle, and chickens and other bird species.

Collections can vary from six tonnes to two tonnes depending on grade. Most recently, our waste pallets helped to generate biomass fuel, used to displace virgin fossil fuels in energy intensive industries, whilst subsequent collections are estimated to create approximately 880 bales of recycled pet bedding.

Gary McCrorie, Loxleys Factory Manager, explained the importance of this scheme to our company “Waste wooden pallets had been a concern in the factory for a long time, we knew there had to be a way to create a secondary use for this resource before its end-of-life cycle. Being unusable within the factory, sourcing a suitable and sustainable recycling stream for this product was critical. Over the lifetime of a year this scheme will help us feed an estimated 28 tonnes of otherwise wasted wood back into the recycling loop.”