Working towards a circular economy is at the forefront of our business…That’s why we’ve teamed up with the BPIF and Prismm to become a Zero-Foil-2-Landfill partner.

As part of our continued, ongoing effort in our expanding zero-waste-to-landfill scheme, we have been using the recycling programme to repurpose around 52 tonnes of foil waste per year.

Utilised as a direct substitute for coal, the foil waste collected from Loxleys site, is processed into an alternative fuel (SRF – solid recovered fuel) and supplied to cement kilns all over the UK. Any ash remnants generated during the incineration process are also utilised in the clinker of the cement, ensuring a fully closed recycling loop.

Zero-Foil-2-Landfill accreditation

Tony Lorriman, Loxleys Managing Director, commented “We’ve been an active member of the Zero-Foil-2-Landfill scheme since October 2019, and we are extremely proud to have diverted over 1,700 tonnes of foil waste from landfill during that time. Considering our impact on the environment is at the forefront of every next step we take as a business, fueling other areas of the UK’s energy infrastructure feeds into our aim of creating a circular recycling loop for all elements of our production processes, and it’s great to be able to show a clear and transparent route of recycling for our foil waste.”

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