Paper vs Pixels: The power of cards in a digital world

In today’s digital age, where screens dominate our lives, it is imperative that we recognise the value of sending and receiving traditional greeting cards and advocate this age-old practise to future generations. Rather than reviewing the negative impact of screen time on our physical and mental health lets shine a light on the positives for both sending and receiving greetings cards and celebrate the enduring significance of sharing a tangible message through greetings cards. 

To get a better idea of how opening a special card makes us feel we asked individuals from different age groups and backgrounds to share their experiences:

“One of my friends has moved to Berlin, It’s great getting post of him and thinking how far it’s travelled.”Dave 20, Student

“There’s something really lovely about having a physical item that holds a message. It’s not the same as a text or a call, it’s more permanent.” Suzie 31, Florist

“When someone sends a card with the right design and wording that you can really relate to, you know they’ve really thought about you and understand your personality.” Hayley 35, Transport Officer

“My daughter makes all my birthday cards (she’s 5) so the drawings are always very funny!” Mike 41, Teacher

“If it’s a special milestone birthday I like to keep hold of the greeting cards in a keepsake box along with a few photos, it’s a good reminder of the friends and family that were around to celebrate with you.” Rachel 54, Shop Assistant

“I appreciate when someone has made the effort to think of me and pick a design which reflects my interests or something we have in common like gardening or drinking cocktails!“ Julie 62, Retired

The joy of sending cards

 In a fast-paced digital world, writing offers a slower, more deliberate mode of communication while demonstrating thoughtfulness and effort. Unlike instant messaging or social media, writing greeting card messages provide an opportunity for expression and compassion. Taking the time to handwrite a message has been shown to create a sense of joy and accomplishment.

The joy of receiving cards

The act of receiving a physical card brings joy, warmth, and a sense of connection. Unlike digital messages that can be easily forgotten, physical cards have a lasting impact. Holding a card is a tangible experience, stimulating our senses and generating a deeper emotional connection. Greeting cards allow individuals to feel seen, valued, and appreciated, contributing to improved mental well-being and stronger relationships. Unlike an email, WhatsApp or social media message a physical card is often kept for many years, added to photo albums or journals as a memento of the thoughtful message long after it initially lands on the doorstep.

In a world increasingly driven by digital interactions, we are nevertheless drawn to tangible objects that hold sentimental value. The act of writing and receiving a physical card holds a special place in our society, allowing us to foster meaningful connections and to create sentimental memories.

Send a card to celebrate ‘Thinking of you’ week

If you have been inspired to celebrate the power of greetings cards, now is the perfect time to post a card to someone special. The GCA’s annual ‘Thinking of you’ week is just around the corner, find tips for card making, card messaging and examples of the best card designs to post to loved ones on their website

Send a card, deliver a smile