Thinking of you again and again! Loxleys and Greentings create reusable greeting cards

Loxleys and Greentings collaborate in reusable greeting card partnership

To celebrate this year’s ‘Thinking of You’ week we’ve partnered with fellow GCA member Greentings to create a reusable greeting card design. The bright and bold card will be posted across the UK during September to share the message of spreading love, care and happiness through the gifting of greeting cards. The reusable Greentings’ design can be shared again and again carrying the sentiment for weeks and months to come.

Each of the cards printed for this promotion is packaged with additional inserts, spare envelopes and stamps to encourage at least three uses. On receiving a card, the recipient can enjoy their personal message, remove it for safekeeping, then send on the card with a clean insert to someone else who could use a thoughtful gesture. Recipients of the card can even use the serial number printed inside to find out where in the world their card ends up!

This years collaboration with Greentings offers a new approach to the annual ‘Thinking of You’ event for Loxleys, celebrating collaboration within the greeting card industry while acknowledging the importance of sustainability.

We are really excited about this concept for ‘Thinking of You Week’ as it actively encourages the ‘Thinking of You’ sentiment to be shared again and again with a chain of kind messages.

The limited edition print run will be used by Greentings and the team at Loxleys to post to their friends, family and neighbours to champion the GCA campaign and share the ‘Thinking of You’ sentiment far and wide.

Kerry, Greentings had this to say about the project ‘We love taking part in Thinking of You week and this year will be even more special due to the collaboration with Loxleys. We are beyond happy that our reusable design will be shared far and wide for this campaign and can’t wait to hear where in the world the cards end up!’

Heather, marketing at Loxleys commented ‘We see each print run as a partnership and this project has been no different. It’s been a great experience being a part of the design process as well as production of a card. The team are excited to post out the finished card to family and friends and see how far we can spread the ‘Thinking of You’ message’.

If you are lucky enough to receive one of these special cards please use the serial number inside to help track it’s journey, and tag both @greentingsofficial and @loxleysprint on Instagram.

Reusable greeting cards

To find out how Greentings combines reusable greeting cards with show-stopping art work please visit If you’d like to know more about printing at Loxleys head over to, @loxleysprint or contact the team at [email protected].