Naked cards: eco-friendly greeting cards from Loxleys

Loxleys are leading the way with our commitment to providing affordable, eco-friendly greeting cards. Our Naked card options are:

eco-friendly greeting cards

Naked cards: eco-friendly greeting cards

Secure-Seal: An alternative to single closed wrap bags, our Secure-Seal solution is a paper based label which will hold your card and envelope together securely, whilst being completely peelable, at consumer level. This means both elements can be separated without causing any damage. This solution is recyclable and can be branded to suit your needs.

Eco-Bag PLA: Our Eco-Bags now offer high quality packaging with a lower carbon footprint. The PLA film is made from polylatic acid, a bio plastic obtained from starch, or sugar taken from plants such as corn, sugar beets, sugar cane and potatoes. It is certified biodegradable and industrially compostable, with the ability to disintegrate within six months under controlled conditions.

Naked cards: eco-friendly greeting cards

Eco-Bag Clarifoil: Collaborating with Celanese, our Clarifoil® eco-bag is the greeting card industry’s first biodegradable and home compostable bag. Made in the UK, our bags are made from a special grade wood pulp which guarantees exceptional transparency and gloss. 100% GMO free, it can be safely disposed of without compromising the environment. Under controlled conditions, disintegration will be complete within six months and biodegradation within 12 months.

Eco-Bag Natureflex: Biodegradable and industrially compostable, our eco-transit bags are made from wood pulp, meaning your eco-friendly greeting cards can be supplied direct to retail in a complete environmentally friendly solution, preventing plastic from entering the retail supply chain, with the ability to disintegrate within six months under controlled conditions.

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