Loxleys CSR report 2023

Our Journey to Greener Greetings Card Printing

Welcome to Loxleys first independent CSR report following our management buy out 12 months ago. Take a look through our latest CSR report covering our on site energy usage, sustainable finishing options and established recycling schemes.

For more information about any of our production processes and green alternatives please contact [email protected]

Introducing The Paper Bander: automated paper banding

As a specialist manufacturer we believe it is our responsibility to continuously develop eco-friendly alternative solutions allowing our customers to reduce the environmental impact of producing greeting cards. We have recently invested over £100,000 in a new fully automated paper banding line creating a solution to transit packing with the intention of reducing the use of traditional OPP plastic film.

Loxleys diverts 6.2 tonnes of plastic a year from landfill, equivalent to the weight of one African elephant!

Based on figures from the previous 3 years the swap to paper banding will result in an annual saving of around 6.2 tonnes of plastic, equivalent to the weight of one African elephant, two ford trucks or three adult hippos, significantly reducing landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

If you would like more information on the paper bander or other ways to improve sustainability in your greeting card production please send over an email to [email protected]

An inforgraphic displaying the equicalent of 6.2 tonnes of plastic as 1 African Elephant, 2 Ford trucks or 3 Adult Hippos