The industry’s first Zero-Waste greeting cards range

Although it seems like a strange year to set or even hold New Year’s resolutions, we are certain that reducing our environmental impact remains firmly on the top of everyone’s ‘to do better’ list.

That’s why, behind the scenes, the team at Loxleys have been working hard on some exciting environmental projects.

Loxleys Zero-Waste greeting cards range

Continuing our mission to reduce the environmental impact of a greeting card and adding to our ever-growing portfolio of eco-solutions, Loxleys are starting this year by launching a Zero-Waste eco range. The Zero-Waste greeting cards range is made up of board, packaging, and plastic alternatives and is green to its core.

Loxleys Zero-Waste greeting cards range

The range includes a 100% compostable and 100% plantable seeded board, made entirely from recycled materials. The seed embedded board allows consumers to send a card and flowers in one go. All the recipient needs to do is lightly soak the board, plant under soil, and watch their card bloom into wildflower!

But we haven’t stopped there, working with publishers such as Paper Rose, to combine the greeting card printers’ full eco offering and create a 100% Zero-Waste card design.

More about the Zero-Waste greeting cards range

Pairing the compostable and plantable board with Loxleys Digital mineral-based toner, integrated board Eco-Hook© and Secure-Seal label to complete the eco-friendly design. As well as this, the range contains Loxleys all-board Eco-Sleeve© designs, suitable for housing multiple cards and envelopes at retail.

100% plantable, 100% compostable, LoopLoop designs from the Zero-Waste range

Zero-Waste card design including 100% plantable board and intergrated board Eco-Hook

Sarah Tanser-Frain, Creative Studio Manager for Paper Rose, discussed what a Zero-Waste range means for their team going forward. “Paper Rose is focused on sustainability and the environment with all our new designs being 100% recyclable, including our new Spring Seasons’ and Christmas which are printed in the UK at Loxley’s. We have spoken with the team at Loxley’s at length in regards to recycled board and paper engineering, it’s something we see as key to sustainability of the industry going forward. We have also worked closely with customers on bespoke projects featuring the board, it’s been a great conversation starter.”

Alice Buck, Loxleys Marketing Co-ordinator, added “With card sending and receiving so deeply embedded into the British culture, the Zero-Waste range further encourages sustainable card giving. Each solution within the range is either compostable, recyclable or made from recycled materials (or all three), meaning there is no waste created in the process or left behind afterwards. The combination of the range; plantable board, integrated Eco-Hook© and a Secure-Seal, creates an all-encompassing Zero-Waste design a perfect card to send for those green fingers and a bloomin’ good way to reduce the environmental impact of a greeting card.”

Loxleys Zero-Waste alternatives, made up of recyclable or recycled (or both) solutions