Looks Good On Paper 😉

Looking to add something special to your new card range or to enhance your existing designs? We can help you to bring your ideas into existence, complete with all the bells and whistles. In this blog post we are sharing ideas and examples of how to maximise your card designs through the use of the specialist print finishes available at Loxleys:


  • Suitable on both litho and digital print runs
  • Available in a range of colours and textured effects
  • Applied using hot or cold techniques
  • Can be combined with embossing for a raised/ fluted effect
  • Great for: typography, fine detail, bold foiled backgrounds, holographic effects

Die cutting

  • Compatible with litho print runs 
  • Created using a bespoke die plate with a shaped steel blade
  • Perfect finish for making your cards ‘stand out’
  • Great for: cut outs, rounded corners, applying badges, perforated/easy remove elements and creative shapes


  • Compatible with litho print runs
  • Creates a tactile 3D finish 
  • Perfect for showcasing the quality and texture of the board 
  • Great for: typography, patterns, letterpress effect, framing a central image


  • Suitable on both litho and digital print runs
  • Available in a range of colours and sizes for effect
  • Traditional or bio-glitter options (freshwater biodegradable)
  • Can be ‘sealed’ with varnish to secure glitter in place 
  • Great for: typography, full coverage, smaller details and patterns – making your designs a little more disco! 

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Your printing is in safe hands at Loxleys

An insight into our history with RoSPA safety posters

Founded in 1854 by The Loxley Brothers William and Edward, Loxleys has a long and diverse history in UK print production. Over the past 160 years Loxleys have adapted to offer a range of printed items including stationery, magazines and catalogues and product packaging. Leading to our current specialism as a greeting card manufacturer turning over 150 million cards a year from our Sheffield factory.

By the 1930’s Loxleys had built a strong reputation for high-speed and high-quality print production with factories in both London and Sheffield, making us the printer of choice for many businesses including Rowntree’s, Batchelors and RoSPA (The Royal society for the Prevention of Accidents). Loxleys Sheffield based factory handled the production and distribution of RoSPA posters up and down the UK until the early 90’s, proving to be a very reliable and efficient partner.

RoSPA are an independent charity who focus on promoting safety in the home, on the road and in the work place. You may have come across RoSPA through their development of the green cross code, tufty the squirrel and workplace health & safety posters.

The charity are most renowned for their striking early poster designs, combining typography, illustration, and photography. Created by artists such as Leonard Cusden, Peter Ray, Roland Davies and Tom Eckersley. The eye catching posters play a significant role in the development of graphic design in the UK, along with giving an insight into social concerns and developments from the times they were produced.

As long-standing partners of RoSPA we are lucky enough to have a handful of the original artwork here at Loxleys (see below) and have recently had them verified and valued by Sheffield auction gallery. We plan to keep them safe in our archives, as an invaluable piece of Loxleys company history.

RoSPA are a fascinating part of Loxleys background, highlighting the companies versatility and ambition within the print industry. Loxleys has a long, proud history – surviving both world wars, two site fires and more recently a global pandemic. We hope to be a leading name in the print industry for many years to come and look forward to adding to the Loxleys legacy.

If you’d like to learn more about Rospa please visit – Rospa.com/about-us/history/posters

Information sourced from Paul Rennie ‘Safety First- Vintage posters from RoSPA’s archive.’

A special thanks to Sheffield Auction Gallery for their time and research.

Loxleys CSR report 2023

Our Journey to Greener Greetings Card Printing

Welcome to Loxleys first independent CSR report following our management buy out 12 months ago. Take a look through our latest CSR report covering our on site energy usage, sustainable finishing options and established recycling schemes.

For more information about any of our production processes and green alternatives please contact [email protected]

PG Live 2023

And that’s a wrap for another fabulous PG Live! Over the past 15 years the PG Live tradeshow has been a crucial touchpoint for the greeting card industry and PG Live 2023 was no different. The two day show on the 6th-7th July provided the perfect opportunity for the Loxleys team to catch up with our industry partners and build new connections with a whole host of publishers, distributers and designers. This years show saw over 200 talented exhibitors along with a bunch of big characters including tatty teddy, forever friends, teenage mutant ninja turtles and even the changing rooms icon himself, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen!

Here’s what Heather, our marketing co-ordinator had to say on the event ‘Visiting PG for the first time has been such a fun experience, I’m excited to be a part of such an inspiring and uplifting industry. My favourite part of the show was meeting the designers in the springboard area who are just starting out developing their brands and seeing their different approaches to greetings card design. I can’t wait to go back again next year!’

Loxleys at PG Live 2023

This year’s PG live was a great opportunity for our team to share Loxleys latest updates for 2023, including our recent investment in paper banding and our growing range of environmentally friendly production choices. The show also acted as a re-launch for our updated digital print team which has developed leaps and bounds in the past 12 months.

Reflecting on the event, our team noted more designers than ever prioritising sustainable choices from board type, to printing and postage, renewing our belief that this is the most crucial area to invest in over the coming months and years. Our digital team also noted an increase in creative start-up businesses taking the first steps into the greeting card industry, from these conversations we have begun to look at how we can better support their growth sharing our industry knowledge through customer service, easy to understand sample packs and developing a more user-friendly website.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Jakki, Warren and the rest of the PG Live team for hosting another incredible and inspiring show, with a wonderful atmosphere, food and entertainment. The insight from both visitors and fellow exhibitors at PG Live has given us invaluable inspiration and a re-newed love for all things greetings cards. We can’t wait to do it all again next year!

If you’d like to know more about PG Live or are interested in registering for 2024 please visit: www.progressivegreetingslive.com